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A Guide to A Blissful Life

Are you happy with your life?
Check this out:

  • Are you always tired of thinking about others?
  • Do you always try to avoid others or a situation?
  • Do you find yourself clinging to the past memories most of the time?
  • Do you get irritated easily? Hate certain people?
  • Do you complain a lot? Always not satisfied? Caught up in endless wanting? Envious?
  • Do you have a low self-esteem always feel insufficient?

All this heart aching and mental exhaustion are making your effort towards success difficult. The good news is you have the choice to live without it. Life can sometimes be difficult but you have the choice to make it simple and peaceful.

The 8 principles of life described in this book helps you to understand more about life and guide you to live your life with ease and calm. The short stories in each chapter illustrates how you can turn just about any situation into something desirable or at least acceptable and make peace with your life.

"It takes me about one year to fully enjoy the benefit of these principles. I didn't make the transformation immediately. But as I learn more about them, it slowly digests in my brain and absorbs in my soul. Gradually I adapt little by little of these principles into my life and begin to enjoy the fruits. It is really a life changing moments. From chaotic, miserable, resentful and inefficient life into a peaceful, happy and efficient life. What a blissful life!" - the Author