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Think About It!

“Just begin and the mind grows heated; continue, and the task will be completed!” - Goethe -

Interesting Facts

Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump.

Don’t wait for everything to be perfect to be happy, be happy now

Happy. The word itself makes you smile inside. That’s what you want in life, right? Not only you, everyone does.

Sometimes you wonder how some people can be happy even when their life is far from perfect. How could they be? Are they not serious?


Spinning fast in your present moment will push away unwanted thoughts

Hey there, what are you thinking? You’re busy up there in your head, aren’t you? I know. Lost in your thoughts. But don’t forget, you have a body and surroundings to be aware of.

Forget about those thoughts. They won’t get enough of you. The more you give your attention to them, the more they are bothering you. Instead of floating with your thoughts why not be more grounded in your body, in your being. You’ll have a bigger and better picture of your past and future.


How letting go the negatives gives me joy and freedom, and how you can too

Do you ever feel tired of being stuck in negative thoughts, whether it’s about your past or your future, that you miss opportunities in your present moment? I do. Although I am a believer of positive thinking, negative thoughts from my past experiences keep on coming back and bugging me.

Whether I am sitting at my desk doing my work, or taking a shower, cooking, or watching a television, these uninvited thoughts come and go without warnings. They interrupt whatever I am doing, and as a result, I lose track of what I’m doing or listening or watching. It’s like suddenly I’m out of this world, mentally.