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How to be a confident presenter

You were assigned to be the presenter for your group project. You have no choice. Everyone in your group has taken his turn except you. Like it or not you have to take the responsibility. Deep inside, you have that tiny dream of becoming an excellent presenter. But you know in reality, you are far from being one. The thought of standing out there alone in front of your audience makes your heart pumping like crazy. It makes you feel like running away out of this world. "Just face it. The more you do it the better you become." pat a friend on your shoulder.

Well, don't worry too much. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not the only one. Public speaking is one of the most common fears. The good news is, it is controllable if you know how. Follows are the tips:

1. Accept the responsibility with an open heart and acknowledge your fear.

The most important thing is to accept it. Do not resist it. Do it with an open heart, not because you are obliged to do so. Admit your fear and work your best to overcome it. Just do it the best you can.

2. Ask yourself why are you presenting?

Is it because you were ask to do so? No. Absolutely not. You are there in front of your audience for a reason. Find out that reason and make it your mission. As for your case, you are presenting your project on behalf of your group. Therefore your mission is to show your audience what your group has done and the result. Highlight what you think is so special about your project. Your mission is to do the best you can to get the message out. To do so you have to truly believe in your message. Find strong points to support your belief. Whatever it is, be proud of your group work and you are there to convince your audience.

3. Prepare your materials.

Prepare your visual aids, your notes and handouts, if any. Make them simple, highly visible and in orderly manner. Minimize your points. Select only the strong ones. Outline them as introduction to your presentation. Remember also to prepare the answers to a set of possible questions that may be raised by your audience. Accept questions or objections from your audience openly. Be happy to answer and answer them confidently, truthfully and objectively.

4. Prepare yourself and your environment.

Make yourself feel comfortable. Wear comfortable clothes. Be at the location much earlier. Make sure all the devices that you'll be working with such as the computer or the projector, the microphone, the lighting and so on, are functioning well.

5. Start on time and greet your audience in a friendly manner.

Briefly introduce yourself and the purpose of your presentation. Do not delay the start of your presentation unless you have to. You don't want to prolong your nervousness. Once you have started and get into the mood, you are more in control.

6. Focus on your mission at all times and interact with your audience to accomplish your mission.

Be alert to their response. Make sure they get the message. Be enthusiastic. If you are not, neither will be your audience. Enjoy your presentation and your audience will feel the enjoyment too.

Finally, remember your mission is to get the message out there. So focus on the message not yourself. The most important point is to immerse in your mission. Be present in every moment while you are out there. Pavarotti, the famous opera singer suffered a terrible stage fright. But when he is out there performing, he just immerse in his singing. He is in his present moment and he is enjoying every moment of it.

About the author: Nur Nuha is a freelance writer. She loves helping others improve and be the best of themselves. Be free to contact her for more tips to awaken your true self.