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Why Some People Never Find Love

Love is an affectionate feeling that comes directly from the heart. When you are in love with someone, you are warmly attached to that person, you care and willing to sacrifice for him or her. You declare your love towards that person through marriage. But to some people finding the right person to be his or her loving partner is a dream that never come true. They remain single until the end of their life. Why?

Some people just doesn't have the self-confidence. They have inferiority complex. This may due to their physical looks or personalities. They feel they are not attractive enough. They are in the opinion that nobody wants to be around them because they are boring or clumsy. Some even feel that they do not deserved to be loved due to their life history. The negative factors that they are holding on to, seem to be the biggest obstacle for them to be involved in a serious relationship.

On the other hand, some people have no problem with their social life. They have a lot of friends to mingle around with. They have serious relationship going on in their life. But their problem is just that they could not make the commitment. Usually their relationship last for just a few years. Every time they found the one they love, they find it hard to take the relationship into the next level. They keep on giving excuses to their partner who are ready to progress to the next level. They think they are not ready to make the commitment; to settle down and grow as a family. They just can't get enough with their social life.

There are also people who are just too picky. They are looking for a perfect match, perfect in every way, which in reality does not exist. They will just reject a person who doesn't meet any one of their criteria. This kind of people will just go from one to another, looking for the perfect one. They are usually a perfectionist themselves and are very independent. They are self-sufficient. They have the career, the wealth and the lifestyle that they want. So looking for a life partner is not an urgent matter.

Similarly, people who are self-centered, always want the best for themselves. They just could not compromise, which is one of the important factors for a lasting relationship. The egoistic characteristic blocks them from being loved. When they have a conversation with others, it is always about them. They don't care much about others. Their bad attitude makes them a bad lover.

Love comes from within. Only people who are able to love others are capable of being loved. So if you are looking for love, do not search outside of you, but search deep inside you. Ask yourself, “Am I full of love?”. Before you can love anybody else, you have to first truly love yourself; not for your status, image, lifestyle or wealth, but for the real you. Be the person that you are proud of and lovable to others. Be generous when giving out your love. Hopefully one day you will find your true love.