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Be your best in every moment by living on purpose

You have your to-do list ready the night before. And you wake up early to start your day. Everything seems to be in order. You rush and you multitask, hoping that you can get at least half of the tasks in your to-do list done. But then, at the end of the day, feeling exhausted, you have only two tasks checked off. Looking back at the time spent during the day, you wonder, “How can I do it better?”.

What usually happens is we plan and we take actions. But what we didn’t aware of is we keep on losing focus when we should be focusing. Our minds wander from time to time, resulting in energy and time leakage.

As humans, our mind is one of the busy mechanism in our body. You can never let it be idle, even when you meditate. In meditation, we calm ourselves by focusing on one thing, our breathing or the soothing sound in the background. We stop our emotion from interfering by letting thoughts come and go without judging them. During meditation, we use our energy and time fully to calm our mind, emotion and body.

For beginners, this calm state of mind hardly last long. Why? Because we are so used to the wild and busy state inside and outside of our being. We lose focus almost all the time, resulting in a huge energy and time leakage.

So, how do we focus on what we want to accomplish?

The number one rule is to live on purpose in every moment. It makes your moments meaningful, and helps your mind to focus on what you want. It makes living in the present moment, more meaningful, productive and appreciative.

Living in the present moment is to live in your reality without judgment. To be living in your present moment is to enjoy whatever is in your present moment, accepting what is in the moment and appreciate them the way they are. You feel peace and calm because you are not in the state of resistance or hatred. You go with the flow and you are not against anything. You are in harmony with yourself and your surroundings.

In order to make your life more meaningful, I would rather recommend living every moment on purpose. Whatever you do or think in your present moment, have a purpose. Don’t do something blindly. When you have a purpose, you appreciate every moment better. You are making the best use of your time, energy, thoughts and resources in that moment. You do more in lesser time with the least possible resources. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Yes, that sounds like efficient and effective in every moment. Can be done, but with a high degree of awareness. Obviously, to live on purpose in every moment, we must have a purpose for every little thing we do.

Let’s say you start your day with an intention to complete three important things. You decided to complete all of them by the end of the day. As you start with task one, your mind focuses on ways to accomplish task one. Your purpose is to complete task one the best you can. You do it neatly, with care and full concentration. Every resource is a cost, so you try to minimize each of them. Your time, the electricity, the water, your energy, whatever you use to do your work, they are the resources that must be appreciated. As you continue with your work, your purposes vary, from using the best method, minimizing cost, to producing a satisfying end result. All within the purpose of completing task one the best you can. And when you are done, you take a short break, your purpose now is to recharge and giving some thoughts before you start on task two. As you start task two, it starts all over again, every little deed is done with a purpose.

But in reality, you can never be perfect. Your mind wanders at times. When this happens, don’t beat yourself up. Know that your purpose is to be in peace and harmony with life. Calm your emotion by giving yourself an assurance. Whatever the thoughts and emotions are, whether an injustice, hatred, fear, sad, happy, they are lessons that you should learn from and then let go because they don’t belong here, right now. The only thing that belongs here, right now is your current purpose. So move on and meet that purpose.

If you need a time off, let that be your purpose. Sit, relax and wander. Set your timer. Do nothing except taking a break at this time. No guilt. You deserve it if you have been going through earlier hours with the right purposes.

Living on purpose in every moment, keeps you on track and productive. And the best of all makes you feel satisfied and happy. As quoted by Mahatma Gandhi, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” It’s so true. Your purpose binds it all together.

About the author: Nur Nuha loves what she does, exploring, learning and practicing for the better. And she loves to share them through her writings.