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Shines the beauty of your true self by living in the present moment

Life is about making choices moment to moment. Our present moment is where we are. It is where the reality is. It is where our physical body is. It is where the opportunities are. Thus, whatever we do in our present moment will affect who we become and what we will achieve.

Most of us live in our head more than we do in our body. We worry about our future too much, and we hold on to the past memories and emotions most of our time. As a consequence nothing positive is done in our present moment. We lose the opportunities to improve our life. We missed the enjoyment of being in the now. We ignore our physical being. And worse we waste portions of our life.

For years I have been looking for the answer to as how to live in the present moment. After years of reading, listening and practicing them in my life, I come to the conclusion, that the answer is just to be aware. A simple answer, yet difficult to implement if you are not use to it.

A busy mind that is full of past and future thoughts, oftentimes loses its awareness of the present moment. If you have a habit of thinking too much unnecessarily, then decide here and now, that from now onwards you will be more aware of what you are thinking. The power to shine the beauty of your true self is in your present moment, therefore be aware what choices you made in your present moment.

The first step to cultivate awareness in your life is to understand how you can let go the thoughts of the past and the future. The past is something that has happened. Nothing can be done to change it. The only positive thing you can do is to learn from your past. Take the knowledge and leave the emotion. Hanging on to the thoughts of the past will only drown you into the emotion that comes with it. In contrary, future is something that has not happened yet. It is a non-existence. Worrying too much about your future, can either freezes you from taking action or causes you to over react. Neither is good for you. The best thing to do is to trust God and believe everything that happens is for a reason. The key is, to be your best in the now and accept whatever unfolds in your present moment. Let go any expectation, just be your best, and learn to accept life as it is.

When you are in acceptance, you are more in peace with your own life. No arguments in your head. You are less cluttered inside. Your spiritual view is more clear and you become more aware.

Always be aware of your feelings and what you are thinking. Your feelings is an indicator of what is going on in your life. Stop any negative thinking. Turn them into positive thinking. You attracts what you think. What you think is what you'll become. Choose to think positive, choose to be happy and it will lights up your face.

Equally, your physical being needs your attention as much as your feelings does. Use your five senses to ensure the comfort of your physical being. Be aware of your body posture, the way you walk, sit or behave. Choose to be comfortable and beautiful in every way. You'll feel light and energetic.

Be aware of your surroundings. Interact with them through your five senses. Watch, listen, smell, and touch them. See and feel the beauty of the things around you. Be appreciative. Love them. Communicate with the person beside you. Use the things you have around you to work your best. Be aware of your actions, do your best, learn to improve as you are doing.

You were born in this world with a beautiful soul. Thus, be your true self. Enjoy the beauty of living in the present moment. Have that radiant happy look, elegant body posture and movement, and let the peace, love and happiness in you, vibrates out into the world attracting more love and abundance in your life.

About the author: Nur Nuha is a writer who is passionate about helping others to make the best out of their life. Be free to contact her at nurnuha@learn-wisely.com for a friendly help.