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My three simple rules of life

We humans tend to make life complicated. We are always busy thinking about our future. And at the same time can't stop thinking about our past. As a result, we live more in our mind than we do in our heart and soul. In reality, our life is not about our past or future, but it is about living in the present moment in our heart and soul, breathing in and out inspirations, and act upon it for the benefit of humankind. It is not about what you have or who you become, but it is about how your being affects the world and humanity.

For that reason I minimize my life principle into three simple rules that I closely adhere to for my happiness and tranquility.

1. Connected to the now at all times

Be conscious all the time. Consciousness is not just about feeling your five senses, but it is about being deeply connected to your inner self. It is about connecting to God at all times. Feel the connection deep inside you. Feel the peacefulness inside you, and let all your being and doing initiate from that connection. Let God guide you as you move your life from moment to moment.

2. Trust God and let go your future

God has plans. And His plans is the best for you, the humankind, and the universe as a whole. Therefore, just let go your future to God and go with the flow. Whatever you do for a living or what your role is, set your intention to be beneficial, contemplate on it and work it out. Go with your instinct. Do it from your heart. Trust that God will help you if your intention is good. It is part of His plan. Just let your heart guide you. Remember, it all start from a good intention in your heart and the rest will be taken care of .

3. Accept your past as it is and let go, trusting God will take care of it

Your life is just a part of the whole story of the universe. It is all inter-woven beautifully to make the story perfect. We are all inter-connected. Let go of the thoughts and feelings of what should be or should not be, because we only know a part of the story. Every little deed will be taken care of, fair and square by God. Trust Him and let Him do His work. Thus, let go those anger, bored, or dissatisfaction of how others behave. Instead , replace the thoughts with what you will do to be beneficial to yourself and the world as a whole. And enjoy your journey with love and gratitude.

As an emotional creature, we tend to get attracted to the emotion of our past. No matter how hard we try to stop thinking about it, they keep on coming back playing in our mind. Whether it is anger, dissatisfaction, or happy memories just let it go. Totally let it go, with full trust. Replace the emotion at that present moment with beautiful feelings of how your being and doing in the now affects the world beneficially. Whatever has happened in the past is done, you are here to make things better and even more better than you can think of.

Most would say that it is easier said than done. Well, I totally agree with that, but it is not impossible. All you need is a strong belief and practice. The more you practice it from your heart, the more you experience and believe it. Today, we live in a chaotic world because we resist what is being unfold before us in our life. We plan our future greedily. We let our mind guide us. We ignore the sacred feelings in our heart. We become competitive instead of cooperative. We fight each other to be at the top. We are damaging our own mankind instead of being beneficial and helping each other. We are out of control and yet we wonder why we can't find peace.

About the author: Nur Nuha is a freelance writer who loves to study about human capabilities. Her passion is to help others to make use of their human capabilities to its maximum. Be free to contact her at nurnuha@learn-wisely.com for more insights.