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Spinning fast in your present moment will push away unwanted thoughts

Hey there, what are you thinking? You’re busy up there in your head, aren’t you? I know. Lost in your thoughts. But don’t forget, you have a body and surroundings to be aware of.

Forget about those thoughts. They won’t get enough of you. The more you give your attention to them, the more they are bothering you. Instead of floating with your thoughts why not be more grounded in your body, in your being. You’ll have a bigger and better picture of your past and future.

Let’s get real. You’re neither in your past, nor in your future. You are where you are physically and right in this moment of time. Time is moving at its own pace. For you to be truly living, you have to keep up with the pace. Get over your past as you enter new moment, and detach yourself from future outcome to be your full self in this present moment. It’s okay to think about your past to uncover the treasure hidden in it, and to plan your future for better actions right now and in your near future. But to get yourself tied up in the emotions of your past and future means losing your opportunities to take your best actions in the present moment.

So how do you get over your past and detach yourself from future outcome?

Guest what? Get yourself busy with your present moment. An alive human being can never have an idle mind and an empty feeling. You will always have thoughts and emotions in them. But instead of constantly pushing out the unwanted thoughts deliberately, it’s easier to continue filling up those containers with good positive thoughts and emotions. Continuous filling up will automatically push out what is already inside.

You may think, “How in the world can I make myself busy with my present moment? My life is full or routines. I work in autopilot most of the time. And my mind tends to wander from my past to my future, back and forth. It’s just too boring to think about my present moment.”

Didn’t you realize that? You’re living too much inside your head rather than in your body. Don’t you remember that you have those five senses. They are valuable gifts. So live by your senses.

Okay, to begin with, your eyes is in a good condition, I know, because or else you won’t be reading this. That is something to be thankful for. Oh, maybe you are wearing a pair of spectacles. But you can still be thankful for them too.

You know, why you feel bored? Because you’re like a dead body. A breathing dead body who knows only how to think and be emotional most of the time. You switch off your senses most of the time. Don’t be offended. I just want you to realize it’s about time you should be more alive.

Do you ever notice what plants you have in your neighborhood? At least the ones that you passed by every day. I don’t mean the name of the plants, but how do they look like, their colors, how their flowers look like and how they smell.

In your home, I’m sure you recognize your possessions. But do you ever appreciate their benefits, how they help you to live better, and make your life easier? Do you ever appreciate the beauty or uniqueness of your surroundings? Do ever feel thankful for your spouse, children, friends, or colleagues for their presence in your life?

You might say, although they mean something in your life, they are sometimes not functioning the way you want them to, they are sometimes a burden and sometimes irritating. You wish they could be better. Even your body is irritating, aching here and there, slowing down your daily actions.

Well, is about time you change your life view. When I mean make yourself busy with your present moment, I mean live in your present moment with full gratitude. Everything has its good and bad side. Be thankful for the good side. Forget about the bad side. Nothing and nobody is perfect. Cherish the goodness in your life no matter how small the effect it has in your life. Be grateful for your being, your body may be aching but there are so many things that you can do in your daily life. Be thankful for what you have right now, your possessions, your companions, your surroundings, your body. Enjoy the vibrations of their existence.

You have an abundance to be joyful for. You just have to be more aware. Use your senses more actively. Look for more to be joyful for inside and outside of you in every moment. They are everywhere. The more you are aware of your beings and your surroundings, the more you are present.

I know you have lots of things to do. You don’t want to waste your time by just being aware of every little thing around you. Well, you don’t have to. Go on, continue with your tasks, whatever you want to do. But you still can be aware of your intention, your body, the chair you’re sitting on, the things you use in doing your task, the person who help you to complete your task, and blah, blah, blah… The list goes on as you move from one task to another.

Instead of going through your moments by just touching on the surface, you’re enjoying the abundance inside and outside of you. You’ll begin to see beauty in every ordinary thing around you. Even your routine tasks feel different. Awareness uncovers the treasure of the present moment. It gives you joy.

Live by your senses. Feel the comfort of your chair, the comfortableness of your body, the joy of tapping your keyboard. Let your senses stimulate your thoughts and feelings. Let your thoughts spinning fast along with your present moment. Joy and grateful, one after another.

Keep yourself busy with your present moment. Spin fast. And the good news is, if you continue being in your whole body and in your present surroundings, your monkey mind will get frustrated. He hardly has space in your mind. It’s difficult for him to be active. Let him be. You don’t need him after all. You are better off without him.

But, be aware that your monkey mind will not give up. He will sneak in whenever he has the chance. But you are not giving up, either. Your life is too valuable to be wasted on paying attention to him.

Be conscious. Make it your habit. Be grounded in your body, and let the feelings of God’s awareness merge with your own awareness, in every moment of your being. Yes, that’s the key, powerful awareness in you that sheds lights on everything that enters into your present moment. The awareness that you’re accompanied and guided by a powerful presence, anchors you to your present moment.

However, it’s normal to lose your awareness from time to time. Get back to it once you realize it. Give no chance at all to your monkey mind. He’s not worth your attention.

Always remember, you are here to do more good things, more quality work, to grow, to be better and to contribute. But you can’t do it if your past memories and worries are weighing you down. So set yourself free by living in your present moment. Be more conscious of yourself, your surroundings and others. You’re blessed with abundance in your life, which can only be enjoyed if you take the time to be aware and appreciate. Get rid of those junk in your head. Your past has rotten and your future is non-existent. The only freshness that you can enjoy is in the present. Cherish it, and enjoy your freedom to take meaningful actions in every moment.

The power to make a difference is in your hand right now. So what are you waiting for?

About the author: Nur Nuha is a freelance writer who loves to help others improve themselves inside out. You can always say 'hi' to her at nurnuha@learn-wisely.com