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Stop dreaming, just decide and focus

We dream. Everybody does. We have so many things in our mind. From doing that little project in our backyard to starting a new business, they excite us every time we think about them. They are our passions. And we want to make them happen. But then, after some times we lose the excitement. Why? Nothing much is done to make it happen. Even though the dream is still there and the hope is still alive, we are not working on them as much as we have hoped. It’s not that we didn’t try. But every time we want to start working on them, we feel overwhelmed. We don’t know where to begin. It seems like we want to start them all at once and accomplish them simultaneously. That sounds insane. I know. But our greed makes us crazy.

Yes, our greed is the culprit. We want to achieve so many things in life. We want them to happen as soon as possible. We seed. We water them once or twice, and we want to eat the fruit the next day. Get real! It’s time for us to sit back and take a deep breath. We are just humans. Not a super human, nor a machine. It takes time to learn new skills. And if we already have the skills and experience, it is not always a straight journey. We make mistakes, we fall and fail along the way before we reach our destination. Nothing comes easy. Effort, time and guts are the requisites to our success.

The solution? Sit down and think back. What are your deepest desire? What is your priority? Choose one and only one. Then, be determined to complete it. Not just wanting to achieve it, but know deep in your heart that you will achieve it. Feel it in your being that it is happening. Focus only on that one project. Forget the others. Not totally letting them go, but put them in your waiting list. Learn to slow down and enjoy every moment as it goes. Plan, learn, improve and keep on flowing. Focus on it until you meet your one and only goal.

Yes, the solution is to focus on one thing at a time. Too many things in your mind gets you distracted. Makes you feel overwhelmed. Your energy and mind are scattered. And consequently, you feel exhausted even before you begin.

Once you have chosen what you want to achieve, set a clear goal. Feel the achievement. Make a simple plan to achieve it. Break down your project into smaller tasks. List them down based on your priorities. Apply the pareto rule, 20% of your effort produces 80% of the result. Focus on that 20% first. Learn, revise, improve and repeat, until you achieve your goal. While you were in your progress, there is no such thing as failure. Failure happens only when you give up. So pick yourself up and move on. Be better than before. The focus is not on the frustration but how you can do better. Without falling or making mistake you’ll never know where you should improve.

Also important for you to acknowledge is your fear and self-doubt. They are your enemies, that have been pulling you back without you realizing it. Learn to identify them and deal with them. How? Accept whatever you are afraid of as a consequence that you have to deal with. Be prepared and know that you can handle it. Similarly, self-doubt is a fear of yourself not being good enough. By accepting your weaknesses, you find ways to improve yourself. If you can’t find a way to deal with your fear, just accept it as a consequence that you have to deal with and know that you’ll find a way as you progress. Sometimes by accepting that it’s okay to be in the situation you are afraid of and trusting yourself in dealing with it, helps in overcoming your fear. The mere act of acceptance is enough to weaken your fear, and thus let you move on with less resistance. The stronger your desire to achieve what you want, the better you can accept the consequences.

Success is not about achieving your goal. It is about living your journey. The value you accumulate during your journey is what makes you who you are at the end of the journey. If you are a much better person inside out than you were before you started the journey, than the success is yours whether you achieve your goal or not. What you have learned throughout your journey is what matters most. You’ll learn it more effective if you focus on one venture at a time. Don’t let yourself be distracted. Be determined with that one goal. Live and grow with it. You’ll never go anywhere if you remain a dreamer.

About the author: Nur Nuha loves writing. If you need an article to be written, feel free to contact her at nurnuha@learn-wisely.com.