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Stop living in your mind, and start being the best of yourself

How many times do you find yourself get carried away in your own mind, losing your senses virtually. It is like you are suddenly out of this world, floating in the past or living in your imagination. Your present moment just passes by, right in front of you without you realizing it. You are operating in autopilot. And when you are awake again, back in your reality, you start to wonder what you have missed and what you have done.

Operating in autopilot and losing your awareness of your present moment from time to time can sometimes be very irritating, especially when you need to focus on your task at hand. Your inability to focus on your present moment affect your efficiency and effectiveness. You lose your alertness. Your physical appearance and your body posture lose its liveliness. Your soul and physical existence is weak. Your energy seems to get drained out through your mind. You are breathing but you are not truly alive.

Why is this happening? Think back. Where do you put your emotion to. You may be trying hard to focus on your task at hand but your emotion is somewhere else. Ask yourself these questions:

Are you always seeking approval from others?

Do you always have strong desires to compete?

Do you judge others a lot?

If you answered 'no' to all of these questions, think again. Do you worry what others say or think about you all the time? Do you do something just to be better than somebody you envy? Do you like to critic or comment other people's behavior? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then admit it that you allow yourself to be emotionally affected by others.

Be aware, that fortunately you can change this by changing your mindset. Take charge of your own life and be responsible to yourself. You don't need anybody's approval to be yourself. Believe me, we are here to cooperate with each other, not to compete. We are here to help whoever in need and to love unconditionally. And when you feel like judging others, judge yourself first. Are you perfect in every way? If you are not, then, so are others. Undoubtedly, everyone has their own weaknesses and make mistakes from time to time. Holding on to the negatives will only makes you suffer. Thus, the best remedy is to forgive.

Next, start by loving your own self. Love your body, heart and soul. Start focusing inward, instead of outward. Live in your soul, and feel your body alive. Feel comfortable in your own body. Balance your posture and movement at the center point of your body. Feel the alertness. Feel the pressure spreading evenly throughout your body. Feel every part of your existence. You will feel relax, yet sturdy and comfortable, with alertness in all the 5 senses. Alertness helps you to feel energized and inspired. It changes your physical appearance and your vibration. You look more alive when you are alert.

Then, the next step is to accept your life as it is. Be grateful. Accept every moment as it unfolds before you. Love your environment. Bear in mind that you cannot change others and circumstances, but you can change yourself to adapt better to the situation.

Finally, instead of burning your energy and time towards thinking about others, think how you can do the best in your present moment. Be comfortable and happy in your own body and work your way to be the better you. And in turn, benefits others in many ways. Love yourself to love others.

About the author: Nur Nuha is a freelance writer and self-improvement coach. Get her free Guideline to a Blissful life by subscribing to our newsletter. You can also check out her latest e-book "Discover how you can enjoy getting things done efficiently with four simple steps". For more information, you can always contact her at nurnuha@learn-wisely.com