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Tame your wild mind and focus on your success

We have a busy mind. Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly in thinking mode. Words flow endlessly in our mind. There is no way we can stop them from flowing. The thoughts, ranging from our past to future, sometimes are related to each other and sometimes are not. They just come and go. There are times when we manage to ignore them but there are also times when we get caught up in the same thought over and over again. This can drive us crazy especially when they affect our daily routine negatively.

So, if we can’t stop thinking, how can we stop them from bothering us? With some effort, yes we can filter them, by consciously selecting our attention. During meditation, a person is trained to observe his thoughts flow without giving them any attention. The thoughts are allowed to come and go without any judgment. A meditator restrains his brain and feelings from processing his thoughts further. Instead, his attention is anchored on his breathing process. His brain and feelings are totally focusing on his breathing. Every time he gets distracted by the flow of thoughts, he brings his attention back to his breathing.

Similarly, when we are deeply into our work, we automatically ignore everything else that has nothing to do with our work. When this happens, we are said to be in the state of flow. We are so immersed in our work, that we lose track of what is going on around us. And this state of flow usually happens when we are deeply concerned or curious on the work at hand.

Another situation when we manage to block those unwelcome thoughts is when something important need to be done urgently. The sense of urgent is so strong that you put your total focus on your work. As it is an important task, you’ll do it your best to complete it. A quick and perfect completion is the only goal you have in your mind. The state of desperation forces you to focus on your goal and filter out unnecessary matters.

So what can we learn from these three situations? Taming our mind is possible. But only if we have a strong desire towards our goal. Anchoring our minds on a strongly desired intention helps us to filter out irrelevant thoughts and maintain our focus towards our goal. In order to make it happen, the desired goal must not only make sense in the brain, but it also must have a strong sense in the feelings. Your attention tends to go with your feelings. Therefore be aware of what you feel. If you are feeling negative, than find a way to correct them first. Think positive. Find a good reason to make them positive. This is where the power of WHY is important. Ask yourself why you want to accomplish your goal. A meaningful and highly desirable result keep your goal near to your heart.

Above all, practice is the key. Like other skills, you can always train your brain to focus on one thing at a time. Meditation helps you to do that. However, for a starter, sitting down doing nothing except focusing on you breathing is just too much. One minute of meditating is nothing but a torture to you. So why not try meditating as you go through your daily routine. Whenever you are about to do something, set your intention right and feel it deeply. Have a very good reason for wanting it. As you continue with your task, anchor your feelings on your intention. Trustingly let go whatever irrelevant thoughts that come your way. Your mission in that moment is the intention you set. Manage one thing at a time. Rushing doesn’t help, instead, it makes matters worse. Other matters will have their own moments and will be taken care of as you unfold one matter at a time. Make your present moment special for that one particular intention you have set earlier.

Hence, when you feel overwhelmed with thoughts, breathe and get in touch with you inner wisdom. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve in this moment. Once you set your intention, embrace it and hold on to it, tight. Achieving it is what will make you happy, fulfilled, energized and alive.

About the author: Nur Nuha is a freelance writer who specialized in self-improvement. She can be contacted at nurnuha@learn-wisely.com.