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Be Wiser Through Acceptance

Have you ever dreaming of freeing yourself from all that you dislike? Maybe not all, at least most of it? Freeing your mind from the stress, your body from the restlessness, and your heart from that aching feelings? The truth is that, the power is in you. You just have to make it happen.


When something unwanted happen, like you get caught up in a traffic jam, or your car break down, the first thought that come into your mind is “Oh no! Don't tell me it is happening.” You resist. It is normal to have resistance as the first reaction.

But then, as we realize it is really happening, we have the choice whether to continue to be in resistance or to accept the situation as it is.

To resist is to go against the flow; to protest through action, verbal or mentally. Resistance is stressful. We act negatively when we are in resistance. We shout, we curse, we slam the door and whine verbally and mentally. It is painful and tiring.

On the other hand, to accept is to go with the flow. We admit to ourselves the fact of what is happening. We admit that life is not always pleasing. And what happens around us always come with a lesson or has its own benefit in its own way, which, we only realize sometimes later. We welcome the situation as it is with open heart and with love. We are in harmony with what is happening. We just let it be and let it go. And the whining in our mind just stop, giving more space for solutions to emerge.

Your irritating next door neighbor, your job that you hate, the bad habits of your spouse; all are parts of your life that you have to live with. Sometimes we can't help resisting it when it continuously emerge in our life. One rule of thumb, make a turning point every time you feel like resisting.

What is the turning point?

Think of the benefits that you can gain by going through this rough journey. Difficulty and hardship make people stronger inside. Take it as a challenge. For example, how you can overcome difficult people. It can also be a stepping stone for you to advance in your life or your career. Sharpen your mind and be creative. Find a positive solution. Find ways to adapt to your current situation.

Sometimes the beauty in life is in the difficulty itself. Be like a flowing water; never stops at obstacles, but always find ways to keep on flowing. And the more obstacles the more purified the water is.

Acceptance clears up our mind, calm us and make us feel peace again. Instead of doing something negative, we turn it into something positive. We become more adaptable. We are more flexible in our action, and we are more appreciative with whatever that comes into our life. We don't resist what we dislike, but accept them and make a positive use out of them.

The choice is yours. Either to suffer and regret your action later, or to be at peace with your surroundings and build up your self quality inside out.

About the Author: Nur Nuha is passionate about helping others to improve their life. If you want more in your life check out her new e-book "A Guide to A Blissful Life" in this website.

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