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How to avoid wasting time between classes

College life can range from relax to busy. Some students seem to have all the time to participate in outdoor activities and at the same time manage to get through their studies with flying colors. While others hardly find time for extracurricular activities and are struggling all the way with their studies. What makes the difference?

The answer is time management. Many of them who succeed in theirs studies are just average students, but smart in managing their time. In a college or university, classes can run for four hours straight in the morning, but in another day, the classes may drag from morning to late evening with one hour or two hours gap in between. Making use of your free time wisely is the key to your success.

How do you effectively use your free time between classes?

1. Study

There are many ways for you to do a quick study. One, is to read a book or your notes. Find a suitable place nearby, for example an empty classroom or a park. Or if the library is just a few minutes walking distance, then go there and find a book to read. Alternatively, go to a computer lab and read knowledgeable articles on the internet.

Two, make flash cards. If you have already made some, use them to make a revision. Three, prepare for your next class by reading and searching for information on the related topic. You can always read the summary or conclusion paragraph in a chapter for a quick understanding of the topic. Four, have some discussion with friends on topics that you have difficulty with. Alternatively, go to your lecturer's room to discuss further on topics of your choice.

2. Do your homework

If your have any assignment or tutorial, or presentation to complete, take this opportunity to work on it. Discuss with friends or do some research in the library, or search for information on the internet.

3. Restore your energy and clear up your mind

If you are tired or feeling sleepy take a power nap. Sit at the corner of a classroom far and away from everybody else, and be in a position that you are most comfortable in. A power nap helps you to restore your energy and alertness.

If you are unable to take a nap, try to meditate instead. Meditation has a lot of benefits to offer. It refresh your mind and improve your concentration. It helps you to feel relax again in a busy day.

Alternatively, if the environment is too noisy and full of distractions, go to a cafe and have a cup of coffee. Have a light chat with friends or just be there and enjoy your coffee.

4. Do some planning

A busy day sometimes can go hair-wired. So try to be organized. Jot down the tasks you want to do, so that you don't miss out any of them. Jotting down your to do list helps to release the burden of trying to remember each and every task you want to do.

5. Inspires or get inspired

When you have ideas or inspiration write them in your diary or blog. Elaborate them nicely. It is good to put down your ideas in words. It helps you to see it more clearly. Let them be your inspiration the next time you read it again.

Alternatively, get some inspiration from motivational and inspirational audio clips. You can always download them from the internet. Keep yourself inspired. Let them be your momentum to be a better student.

Finally, time is your most precious resource. Appreciate every second of it. Use it wisely, and you will never complain again of not having enough time to keep up with your life as a student.

About the Author: Nur Nuha is passionate about helping others to improve their life. If you want more in your life check out her new e-book "A Guide to A Blissful Life" in this website, in the Links >> e-Books section.