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How to be Yourself

When you are not yourself, you are not genuine. The flow of your behavior is not smooth. Sooner or later, people around you will detect your ingenuity. Even if you are good in acting it out, your ingenuity will someday reveal itself. How long can you act to be someone you are not?

One piece of advice, just be yourself for better or worse. It is easier and more natural. You doesn't have to play different characters in the presence of different people. Just be yourself and stand up for yourself. Stop trying to please everyone. You don't have to if you believe in your own good qualities. Similarly, you doesn't have to impress others if you are sincere in doing your best.

Every human being on this earth is unique. You are meant to be yourself. You are the best when you are yourself. Therefore, appreciate and polish those qualities in you. Nobody can do it better than you do. Just believe in yourself.

So, how can you be yourself? First and foremost, get to know yourself better. Identify your character. Be honest to yourself. List down the positive and the negative characteristics. Also identify the characteristics that you don't have but want to have and the characteristics that you have but want to get rid of. Allow yourself to grow according to the qualities you set yourself.

No matter what you do, people around you will always have something to comment about. You are here not to please everybody on this planet. Different people have different values. Respect them for their values and at the same time respect your own values. Stop worrying what other people say about you. It is their opinion, and it doesn't have to be 100% correct. Believe in your own principles and values. Live in accordance to your own values and principles.

Human like to compare and compete with each other. We can do so in a competition where certain variables are set to constant or within a small range for all participants, so that everybody is of the same acceptable level. But in the real world, each of us is unique. We actually complements each other in many ways. Therefore stop comparing yourself to others. You are the best in your own ways. You can never be someone else. Just appreciate yourself as who you are. Make someone that you admire or amazed for their outstanding qualities as your source of inspiration to excel yourself through your own values.

Everybody has their own weaknesses. Accept your weaknesses and imperfections as they are. Acknowledge them by laughing at yourself and admit that you are trying to improve. After all nobody is perfect. You are just being a human. Most importantly you are trying to be who you are and you are improving.

Sincerity and self-integrity are two important essence of being your true self. Connect to your inner self to seek the truth in yourself. Be sincere in your being and in your doing, and you will have only one story to hold on to; the story of your true self. Stick to that story of yourself wherever you are and in whatever situation. Be proud and confident of yourself. You may be lacking here and there but you have strong principles that you hold on to.

As a summary, in order for you to be yourself, you have to:

1. Know your true self

2. Believe in your own principles and values, no matter what others say.

3. Accept that everyone is unique and therefore is incomparable to each other.

4. Accept your weaknesses and imperfections, knowing that there is always room for improvement.

5. Be sincere and have a self-integrity.

About the author: Nur Nuha writes from her heart. Feel free to contact her at nurnuha@learn-wisely.com