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How to Deal with Sarcastic People

Sarcastic people are just ordinary people who like to play with words when expressing a remark, comment or observation. They like to attack others through their words in the form of jokes or ironical compliments. Their purpose is to insult or make fun of their victims. Their behavior of pointing out mistakes, attitudes or habits of others is hurtful and irritating to the victims and may sometimes create an uncomfortable situation to everybody in the scene.

In reality, sarcastic people are not perfect themselves. They sometimes make mistakes and do have their own bad habits too. But why do they behave the way they are? Psychologically, sarcastic people have problems with their self-esteem. Putting others down by pointing out their weaknesses or bad habits, makes them feel better off. They just want to think highly of themselves. They just enjoy the jokes and laugh on others which makes them forget about their own down-side.

Sarcastic people get irritated easily over mistakes that they don't do and bad habits which they don't have. They use sarcasm to express their irritation. Their hurtful comments make them look like the perfectionist who don't make mistakes or don't have bad habits. For this reason, they are disliked and feared by others.

Like it or not, you sometimes have to deal with this kind of people. They can just attack you anywhere and in front of anybody, leaving you blushing and feeling ashamed of yourself the next few hours while they are smiling contently.

So how do you deal with these sarcastic people?

The most important point to remember the minute you were attacked is that, the main objective of sarcastic people is to pull your self-esteem down. So stay calm, and smile or smirk whichever feel natural to you, conveying the message “Oh yeah, another stupid remark”. The point is to hold your self-esteem up, thus making their main objective unsuccessful.

Next, you can either continue with what you are doing, ignoring completely what has just happened to imply that the sarcasm does not affect you at all, or, you can respond. There is two ways of responding. One is to respond innocently as if the ironical remark has a straight forward meaning or as if you are not the target. For example you are late, and someone makes a remark “Oh how nice of you to be right on time”. With a smile you respond innocently, “Thank you”. Another example; for some reason, you are terribly disorganized that day and someone sarcastically make a remark “Somebody still needs his mommy around” and you innocently respond,”Yes, mothers' advice is precious”.

The second way to respond is to confront the sarcastic person one to one, by making a better joke out of the sarcasm. For example, you are late again, and someone enthusiastically says, “Oh, here he is, as punctual as ever”. With a broad smile you look directly into his eyes and says, “O thank you for adjusting the time for me”

Sarcastic people have a very smart way of making their remarks. Their words are spoken politely and sweetly though the meanings are deeply hurtful. Try not to lose your temper or blush right in front of them because if you do they already win the game. You will be one of their easy victims and they will not hesitate to be sarcastic to you again in the future. Ignoring them implies that you are much wiser to be in the same level as they are. Alternatively, responding innocently or naively makes their sarcasm ineffective, thus frustrates them and make them fed up. You can also neutralize the effect or turn the focus back to the sarcastic person by making a better joke or ironical compliments to counter attack them. Whichever way, don't ever let them boost their self-esteem at the expense of yours. Show them that they cannot play around on you.

About the author: Nur Nuha loves her work as a freelance writer. Feel free to contact her at nurnuha@learn-wisely.com