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Disheartened by others? Choose otherwise

Do you have a goal that you are excited about, which you have been dreaming of, and so passionate about? Maybe you want to turn your hobby into a career, or starting a new business of your own. Something that you have been longing to do and finally got the courage to jump in. You see the opportunity right in front of you, and you have just begun your new journey. But then, something happens. Somebody responded negatively to your intention. And you begin to see obstacles everywhere. You begin to doubt your capabilities. “Am I good enough for this mission?” And slowly you lose your focus and motivation. But no! You know you are not a quitter. Sometimes life gets tough. What should you do to pull yourself together?

First of all, know that you have the power to decide what you want to focus in your life. Your families, friends, and the naysayers can do and say whatever they want, out of love, concern, or envy. But they are not the ones who navigate your life unless you allow them to do so. You are in the driver seat. So make up your mind and be determined. Remember you are responsible for your own life. Once you decide, be committed.

Life has a beautiful way of making things happen. It’s God’s work. Just trust Him. As long as your intention is good, you are on the right side. Here are a few points that you must keep in mind as you continue your journey towards your goal.

  1. Failures are feedbacks that guide you to the right path
  2. It’s okay to fail. Instead of avoiding failures, welcome them. Just do as planned. Nobody knows whether it will work or not. You just have to go for it and find out yourself. You’ll never know until you try it. It’s better to fail than not trying at all. You may not achieve what you really want. But there is always lessons which you can learn from, which helps you to be better in your next attempt. However, welcoming failure into your effort doesn’t mean you set yourself for failure. Be your best and do your best, and if you still fail, find out what went wrong. Take it as an opportunity to be better and do better. Use it as a fuel to burn your desire to be better.

  3. Obstacles and difficulties are essential to develop your skills and capabilities
  4. In life, everything comes with a price. You have to work for it. Not many things come easy. Just do whatever it takes. This is where the reward is. You maybe fail at the end, but you are a different person than you were at the beginning of your journey. You learned new knowledge, gained new skills and most importantly hardships make you tougher.

  5. Live in the environment you want to be, and sooner or later you’ll truly be there
  6. Whatever you want to be, just be. You want to be a writer, then start writing. Don't bother much if nobody reads your writing in the beginning. Just keep writing and expose yourself to writer’s world. Have your own small office, which maybe just a corner in your home where you can enjoy your time, writing. Learn more about the life of successful writers and adapt your life to the one that suits you. Go and buy yourself a good laptop, a nice notebook, a good pen, whatever makes you feel that you are a successful writer. Don’t wait to be successful to be happy. Be happy now and feel the success in every effort.

  7. Dismiss your limiting beliefs by believing anything is possible if you commit to your goal. Forget about logic. Just go for it and feel it happening in every moment.
  8. You have a strong desire, and you have some of the tools and skills to be the person you want to be. But unconsciously your belief is going against your ambition. Without realizing it, you have thoughts that questioning your capabilities of achieving your dream. Knowing yourself and based on your past experience, your brain and emotion doubt your capabilities and your environment. You are an introvert, your brain wonders how you can cope in an extrovert world. And at times, your feel the fear of being in the world that you think you do not belong to. Similarly, you want to do something different, something rarely done in your community. You know it can be done. And it’s done successfully in other communities. But the thought of being in an awkward situation scares you and eventually freeze you from taking action.

    To overcome this, know that humans have the capabilities of adapting to any situation if he allows himself to do so. Remove those limiting beliefs by keep telling yourself, with God’s will you can do whatever your heart desires. You just have to focus on what you want and feel it happening. The past is gone and you are a better person now. And there is lots of room for improvement. Let go what others think, because you are about to change their belief. If others don’t believe in you, believing in yourself and the goodness you are about to bring is enough for you to be successful. If you have the strong feelings for success, everything else is just a noise in the background that you can totally ignore.

Life is short. And it is yours to decide what you want to do with it. Don’t let others be in your way or decide for you. Equip yourself with valuable knowledge, skills, and strong spirit, and take your life in your own hand wherever possible. Be happy with what is in the moment and improve it as you move on, step by step. Accept openly whatever comes your way. No resistance. Be better by making the best out of your present situation. As long as your goal is good, who cares, just do it.

About the author: Nur Nuha is a freelance writer. She writes mostly on self-help articles. Constantly looking for ways to improve herself inside out, she loves to share her experience with others. Feel free to contact her at nurnuha@learn-wisely.com for more insights and tips.