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Don't be too ambitious, just do it and enjoy your moment

In the face of making something meaningful happen, you sometimes tend to procrastinate. It is not because you don't want to do it, but you are just too anxious about it. It happen to me six months ago. I wanted to redevelop a project that I have developed a few years ago, for improvement and productivity, but I keep on delaying it. I always keep on reminding myself to keep on progressing no matter how small the progress is. Although I was progressing little by little, nothing much is accomplished after almost six months since I started the project.

Deep inside me, I really want this project to succeed. I have done some studies and is convinced of the benefits that it could bring about. But at the same time I couldn't help myself thinking “What if it doesn't work?”, “Am I good enough to make it a success?”. In short, I am just too excited and too scared at the same time. The anxiety is weighing me down making moving forward just heavy. I can feel the resistance as I struggle to move forward. It is not the work that I am struggling with. But I am struggling with myself. If I were to do the work for someone else I would have completed it months ago.

Then it happens, I was offered a new project. I was happy and worry at the same time. Happy to start the new project but worry about my own project that I have started almost six months ago. Starting the new project means abandoning my own project. So I decided to complete it as much as I can, before the real work for my new project starts. That's when the journey begins.

For two weeks I diligently work on my project that I have been dragging all this while. My focus is to complete it as much as I can. It's okay if it is not 100% completed. No pressure. Who cares what the outcome will be. I just want to do the best I can. To my surprise I successfully completed it within that two weeks with satisfaction. It was a big lesson to me. When you focus on getting something done the best you can and enjoy what you are doing step by step, you'll eventually get it done satisfactorily.

When you are thinking about the outcome too much, you'll get excited, and start to worry at the same time. This is an energy leakage. When you are excited of the positive outcome, you'll feel overwhelmed. As a result you lose focus; you want to do everything at once but you end up completing nothing. And if you ever manage to complete the project, you'll get frustrated easily if the outcome you hoped for did not realized soon enough. Worrying too much about the negative outcome, on the other hand, tends to make you procrastinate. You are just too afraid to take action.

In conclusion, if you have an intention to do something beneficial, just do it the best you can step by step. Enjoy every moment of it. Forget about the result. Just focus your attention on the task in your present moment. Whatever the end result will be, let it be. There's nothing to lose. Even if it doesn't succeed, you'll still get the satisfaction of doing something good.

About the author: Nur Nuha is a freelance writer and a self-improvement motivator. She is passionate about helping others to improve and excel in life. Read her latest simple, short and direct to the point e-book titled "Discover how you can enjoy getting things done efficiently with four simple steps". It is a quick and a practical guide.