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The Dream Killer

The dream killer was revealed to me in a simple conversation. I was talking to someone the other day, who was very passionate about attending one of our seminars. This person felt that this was exactly the thing they needed to turn their life around. At the height of their exuberance, their voice dropped several tones and they then began to talk of all the practical reasons why they could not possibly attend.

Within each of us there are two voices. The first tells us to go for our dreams. Then there is a second voice. This voice is called the dream killer. It will scare us into playing it safe and remaining comfortable. Robert Frost described the dream killer when he said, "Something we were withholding made us weak, until we found out that it was ourselves."

We often tend to think that those who have become successful have done so because they had no doubts or they were lucky. Yet the statistics speak for themselves. The Beatles were turned down by 10 recording studios before Capitol finally picked them up. Richard Bach was rejected 18 times before someone finally decided to publish Jonathon Livingston Seagull. I think my favorite 'against all odds' story is Walt Disney, who was turned down by 321 banks before someone finally said yes to his dream -- Disneyland.

When you read the works of many of these people they all speak about having to face their fears and doubts. They had to turn and look their own dream killer square in the eye.

So where does this dream killer come from? It emanates from within us. This dream killer is just a voice in our mind. When someone truly realizes that it is just a voice, then it becomes the toothless tiger it really is. It will try to create all kinds of scary scenarios, but once you realize that this is just a small voice within you, it begins to lose its power.

It is important to realize that this is only a small part of you. Who you really are is so extraordinary it would literally blow your mind. Rumi said, "When you see your true beauty, you will be the idol of yourself." And this is a fact. Always keep in mind your extraordinary potential. You are an amazing being.

Keep the fires of your dream fully awake. Your dreams are what lift you to an extraordinary height. They are the foundation of your passion and the wellspring of your life.

So how do you deal with this dream killer? I am going to give you two very powerful tips. Both of these come from three decades of exploring literally dozens and dozens of the most powerful life changing modalities. They come from studying with old Native American medicine men in the mountains of Colorado and mixing with powerful business leaders. I have tried many 'exotic' techniques but have found the following tips to work really effectively.

The first tip is this. When that dream killer begins to tell you of your limitations -- do NOT listen. That's right, simply don't listen. That's what you used to do when you were a kid. You didn't listen. Remember when you believed that life was an incredible adventure and anything was possible? The sky was the limit.

The second tip is this. Focus on who you really are. Who you really are, is a spiritual being having a human experience. Not a human being having a spiritual experience. The more you focus on your true essence, the more that voice in your mind will lose its hold. Your spiritual essence only recognizes your own extraordinary capacity. Focusing on your amazing potential will lead you to the life of your dreams.

Go for your dreams.

About the Author: Thousands of people and major corporations have attended Brendan Nichols’ dynamic and far-reaching seminars. He has appeared on national television and radio, and is recognized as one of the most widely researched authorities in the field of self-development.

In the 1990’s he worked extensively, for 6 years, with Robert Kiyosaki (acknowledged in 2001 as the #1 business author in the world), the former president of the Excellerated Learning Institute in the USA and became Kiyosaki’s first fully trained Australian presenter, delivering business and personal development seminars in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. He was one of only 6 instructors ever to be certified from the 40,000 graduates that attended the Institute’s courses.

In 1999 he began work on a book that encapsulates his almost 30 years’ research into human and spiritual development. The book became a best seller in Australia and the world rights were subsequently picked up by HarperCollins.


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