Learn wisely
Learn to improve yourself wisely

It is about time for you to focus on your intention

Everyone wants something in his life; happiness, peacefulness, abundance... the list could go on and on. But are we truly working on it? Some of us may say that we work all day long to make our dreams come true, but they just don't happen. Is life just full of frustrations?

Think again. We make choices from moment to moment. Our mind is our most precious resource. Be aware of where we put its usage to. What are we thinking about most of the time. Do we worry too much? Are we thinking of all the negative things that could happen? Be careful. What we are thinking about is what we are focusing on. If we are focusing on mistakes, failure and unhappiness, that is what we are working on. What we think becomes what we do.

But, sometimes we just couldn't help it. The risk is there. It happened in the past. We just have to take precautions. Well, that's true. But instead of thinking about the disaster, think about the solutions. You can be aware of the negative things that could happen, but you can choose to focus on the solutions instead.

These negative thoughts can sometimes keep on bugging you annoyingly. How can you eliminate them? Change your beliefs. If you believe that mistakes and failure is just a part of life; lessons to learn from and a stepping stone to enable you to move forward, then you'll accept them more peacefully. They will not bother you that much anymore. Remember, what you believe becomes what you think.

Therefore, stop wasting your time and energy focusing on the unwanted. Instead, focus your mind and effort on what you want. Contemplate on it. Find the best solutions. Make research, read more about it. Work your way towards success through your heart and mind. If you do it the right way, you will surely enjoy it. All the best to you and everyone out there.

About the author: Nur Nuha is a freelance writer who is passionate on helping others improving their life. Check out her new book titled "Discover how you can enjoy getting things done efficiently with four simple steps". It will be out soon.