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Help Yourself and Help the World by Simplifying

Have you ever drag yourself to do the task you hate doing? Wishing someone else would have done it for you? The laundry, the house cleaning, the ironing, the cooking... The list could go on and on. These are the chores that you have to live with, like it or not.

I use to hate doing them too. Sometimes I procrastinate, which only makes me more suffer. The more you delay it the more you prolong the dreadful feelings. Just do it and get it over as soon as possible. But then, tomorrow it starts all over again. My advice is, just accept it with all your heart and learn to love them by simplifying.

Sometimes a task looks or feels complicated. But if you simplify it, you'll enjoy it.

Before you start a task, set you intention right and clear. Think of the benefit you gain from doing the task. Example, ?I'll have a basket of fresh clean clothes when I'm done with my laundry.?; ?I'll have a clean, empty sink when I'm done with the dish-washing.?; ?I'll have a clean and tidy house after this.?.

Whatever the task is, think of the benefit of doing it. Imagine the good feelings of enjoying the benefits. Make that your intention. Make it simple. One intention is enough.

Next, clear up your mind. Let go the thoughts of the past. The memories of the past; the irritation, the fun, the unpleasant situation, what ever it is, just let go. It doesn't belong here in the now. It is like a spoiled food that you must throw away. No matter how tasty it was two days ago, it is poisonous now.

Similarly, the worries and the thoughts for the future; it is like a day dreaming that nobody can guarantee will happen. Let it go and let God deal with it. Simplify, by making your task at hand, is the one and only thing in your mind right now; nothing else.

Once you are set and ready, with one intention and one thing in mind, go and start your task now.

As you were doing the task, acknowledge to yourself each step you are taking. For example, when you are washing the dishes, these are the steps that you should acknowledge to yourself:

  1. I'm clearing up wasted food from the dishes.
  2. I'm scrubbing the dish detergent on the dishes
  3. I'm rinsing the dishes

Simplify by doing one step at a time. Acknowledge the step to yourself as you are doing it. Welcome it and do it with love and care. Feel it with all your senses. Enjoy it.

Finally, be responsible to the world by using the resources with care. Simplify by using just enough amount of detergent when cleaning the dishes and just enough water when rinsing the dishes. Appreciate the resources as you use it, with love and care.

How these four simplification helps?

  1. One intention ? The thought of the benefit you are about to enjoy, gives you one good thing to look forward to. This helps to lessen the dreadful feelings. It gives you the momentum. Only half of the energy is needed now then when you were in resistance.
  2. One thing in mind ? Clearing up your mind and having only one thing to think about helps you to focus on your task at hand. Focused mind helps you to be more efficient; more done in less time, less energy, and better quality.
  3. One step at a time ? We often multitask thinking that we will get more job done in a shorter time. In reality the opposite is true. When we focus on one step at a time, we do it the best at the first time. While multitasking is just like touching the surface, the work quality sometimes can be very poor and even worse you miss out a few crucial steps. You have to repeat it to correct it and this can be very exhausting and time wasting.
  4. Minimum resources ? In addition to saving your time and energy, be responsible to the world we live in. We have scarce resources, such as clean water, electricity, materials from the forest and minerals which we use either directly or to produce other goods. Today, we use them to satisfy not only our necessities but also our greed. Bear in mind each one of us has the power to help the world, no matter how small. Start now by using the minimum amount with care and love towards our future.

Simplify and you'll be in acceptance, focused and efficient. Practice it every moment of your life. It can be difficult at first, but practice makes perfect. Sooner or later your life will flow smoothly and peacefully.

About the Author: Nur Nuha is passionate about helping others to improve their life. If you want more in your life check out her new e-book "Discover how you can enjoy getting things done efficiently with four simple steps" in Amazon.

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