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Do you remember your classmates from school who were always top of the class, who never seemed to try very hard but still got the good grades? Perhaps you struggled to even reach the minimum score to pass an exam, or maybe you simply didn't rate yourself as an overly intelligent person. It's amazing how many people believe that in order to be successful and to build great wealth you need to have done well in school.

How many of these "intelligent" people now run multimillion dollar companies, or have found great success in some business venture or another and have an income that most people can only dream of? It's quite likely that very few of them ever made anything much of themselves. In fact, some of them may have spiraled into a life of self-destruction that we would otherwise reserve for the "uneducated" -- a common occurrence in highly intelligent individuals who experienced great pressure from family to be exceptional. High intelligence is no guarantee of success or wealth in life.

At the core of any major success story -- whether it be in sport, business, medical research, or any other field of expertise -- is one thing: persistence.

No matter how intelligent one may be, how high their IQ, or what their exam results were in school, persistence is the one thing that is required if you wish to become wealthy.

Persistence is a quality lacking in the majority of human beings, and this is why: Although we all have the same opportunities if we just keep an open mind to avoid missing them, very few people achieve great things in terms of wealth and success. Too often they will return to their comfort zone, choosing short-term relief and comfort in order to avoid the temporary discomfort of working hard and having to persist through the tough times.

Failure cannot cope with persistence. Sure, "failure" is experienced by most highly successful people along their path to great wealth and success; however, the difference is that they see failure as an opportunity to grow and learn, rather than a reason to give up. Through their desire to succeed, persistence takes hold and failures become mere stepping stones on the path of success.

In order to become wealthy, first must come a strong desire, which is the fuel that feeds the fire of achievement. Then must come a plan of action -- a set of stepping stones to take you to your ultimate destination. Then to bind these things together, and ensure a recipe of success, persistence must play the leading role because failure cannot cope with persistence.

Without persistence, success and wealth will not come. Desire and planning is not enough, and we know that because we see it every day. How many people talk about their desire to buy an expensive sports car but are never seen driving anything other than the car they've had for years and years? How many others talk about their plans for the future but get to the end of each year finding that time has slipped by and nothing has changed?

These types of people may very well have started a savings plan for the new car or investigated some of the options available for their future, but more often than not, life will get in the way, the excuses will come, and before they know it, time has moved on but they haven't.

Look at the last five years of your life and how many things have changed. I bet if you were at the beginning of those last five years again and someone said, "You know what, you're going to be doing exactly the same thing in five years time as you are now," do you think you'd be happy with that? Probably not.

We all have an opportunity to achieve wealth, and if we grasp the concept that all we need is some strong desire, a plan of action, and a never-ending supply of persistence, then we can become wealthy and live the kind of lives that most people would only ever dream of.

Without persistence defeat will get you before you've even started. With persistence, you will emerge the ultimate winner.

About the Author: Lynda Lock is a business mentor to others who wish to run their own businesses from home. For more information go to: http://livin-large.biz/?refid=PersistenceEzine-567895564