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How to let go of your grudges and be at peace again

This morning, you wake up a little earlier than usual. There a few things in your mind that you want to get done fast. But then, while you were brushing your teeth, your mind starts to wander away. Your emotion change from peace to anger and dissatisfaction. Unintentionally you got carried away with the emotions and the chatters. Ten minutes passed and you haven't taken your shower yet. Realizing this, you rush to take a quick shower. But then it happens again. Those chatters and emotion drives you crazy. You couldn't stop it. It keeps on coming back. And you end up spending half an hour in the shower.

Does that sounds familiar? The memories of your past can keep on coming back if you don't let it go in peace. The grudges, the hatred, the dissatisfaction are the toxic that can ruin your life slowly making your life even more miserable. It all started with just a few minutes of embarrassing or shame moment. Somebody makes a comment or critics you in front of others, which struck you like a lightning. It takes only a few minutes, but the effects cost you hours, days or may be your lifetime. It depends on how long you are holding on to it.

So, how do you free yourself from this misery? Firstly, take a deep breath and take a few moments to reflect back on what had happened. Whatever the intention of the person who had caused the negative feelings, let it stays with that person. Similarly, whatever others think about you, let it stays to be their own thoughts. You have no control over them. The only control you do have is on yourself. If what they said about you is not true, let the true self of you shine. Even if it is true, you are learning from your past, and let the better version of you shine brightly.

Think of them as imperfect humans just like you. Humans like to judge others even though they are not perfect themselves. The only think you can do is to forgive them. Humans change. They begin as a clean soul when they were born, but life changed them. To free yourself, forgive them and love that lovely soul in them.

Next, whatever the consequences that may occur due to what had happened, let God handle them. You just have to let go the negative thoughts and trust God. If you have forgiven and love them then you are a better person and stronger deep inside, now. Whatever happens, happens with a lesson. You learned your lesson and if you can get through this with peace, it is a victory.

The truth is, it is easier said than done. But it is not impossible. When the feelings of anger, resentment and hatred ever come visiting you again, just repeat the three steps; forgive, love and let God. You'll get over it much quicker, healthier and more peacefully. Just repeat the three steps until you feel much better and the grudges doesn't bother you that much anymore.

Always remember that forgiveness cleanses your heart, love dissolves the negative feelings and letting God handles the rest is to let yourself live rest assured and in peace. Let love vibrates into the air and make yourself be at peace inside out.

About the author: Nur Nuha is freelance writer who loves to write about self-transformation. Get her free Guideline to a Blissful life by subscribing to our newsletter. You can also check out her latest e-book "Discover how you can enjoy getting things done efficiently with four simple steps". For more information, you can always contact her at nurnuha@learn-wisely.com