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How to Avoid Boredom When Working from Home

When you are working from home you are running the show on your own. Whether the show is interesting, boring or ordinary, it depends on you yourself. The freedom to choose and control is yours. If you do not choose and control wisely, then there is a chance that you will be bored most of the time. Furthermore, the fact that you are working alone, makes you sometimes feel lonely and yearn to be around other human beings in order to feel much more alive. Then how do you minimize boredom when working from home?

First of all, set the right environment physically and mentally. You need the right mood to work efficiently and enthusiastically. Allocate a space specifically as your working space. Put your working utensils there. Decorate the space to give you the right mood and motivation to enable you to focus on you work. When you are working, set your mind to a working professional mindset. Dress properly. You don't have to wear a suit. A smart casual outfit will be good enough. Please do not work in your pajamas as it will kill your mood. Make sure you are clean, tidy and fresh. Sit up straight when you are working at your desk. Do not slouch or move lazily. Work as a professional even if there is nobody around looking at you. The important thing is for you to feel like a professional.

Secondly, take a break whenever necessary. When you find yourself keep on losing focus on your work, take a break. Take a nap if you feel tired. Chat with someone or participate in any on-line social networking if you feel lonely. If you feel you need some fresh air, go out and have a walk or go to a nearby store. Do some other chores if you feel like doing something else besides your work. One simple and fast way of getting out of boredom is to interact with nature. Smell some flowers or just look at the beauty of a plant. Or play with your pet if you have one. Otherwise, if you are someone who like to socialize then go out and meet some friends or participate in social works.

Thirdly, always have a next agenda in mind. You don't have to plan in detail your daily activities. But having one or two agendas you are passionate about or interested in, is good enough to stimulate your alertness. For example keep a list of interesting websites or books that you can read to fill up your time, preferably which can improve your knowledge. So when you are out of ideas of what to do next you can always refer to your list. An agenda that suits your interest will give you something to look forward to. Thus avoid yourself from feeling bored.

Fourthly, make your work fun. If you are a person who love fancy tools to work with, then by all means use them. Use that big fat fancy pen that you like on that cute note pad of yours. If you like to draw, then put your ideas in drawings. The idea is to play while you work. The best thing about doing it at your home is that nobody will comment on how or what you are using to make your work fun. Just enjoy it and be productive at the same time.

Working from home actually gives you more freedom to do what you like most. If you feel bored most of the time then you are not making use of that advantage the best you can. When you are working in an office, you are controlled by the rules and regulations of the office. Your freedom to do other activities besides your work during office hours is very limited. Therefore appreciate your freedom here in your home and make the best use out of it. Be creative and enjoy being in controlled.

About the author: Nur Nuha loves her work as a freelance writer. Feel free to contact her at nurnuha@learn-wisely.com