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Just go for it and make mistakes, forget about perfection

Are you afraid of making mistakes? Do you go through your work over and over again until you feel sick and tired of doing it? Do you find yourself procrastinate a lot because your ideas or plan is not perfect yet? Well, you are not alone. Everybody wants their life to be perfect, But the truth is a life without mistake exist only in fairy tales. No humans are mistake-free.

Making mistakes is normal. It is how we learn to be better. But it doesn’t mean that we should do our work carelessly. A failure is a gem when it happens after you put your best effort in making it a success. It highlights the mistakes that you had been unaware of. It highlights the wrong belief or theory that you may still hold on to if you had not made the mistake. Looking at it positively, failures are feedbacks to learn from. You change your action or plan in response to them. In other words it directs you to the right path.

However, embracing failure is painful. Nobody likes to fail. But the reality is, no pain, no gain. How you accept your failure will determine your success and who you will become. It can be a powerful booster or a dream killer depends on how you respond to your failure. Bouncing back from failure needs determination and perseverance. If you are determined to be successful, and keep on going with better effort, than your chances to be successful is big. But if you feel helpless and hopeless, than you are totally a failure. The key is, to accept failure as an antidote to your doubt and vagueness on how to succeed. Failures make us look back and figure out what went wrong. And the pain that comes with it make us stronger inside. We become more resilient.

Do not fear failure. All you have to do is decide to be successful, no matter what. Be sure you know what exactly success means to you. Whether it is freedom to travel around the world, or be at the top of a corporate ladder, feel it happening in your heart. If your intention is right, all that you need will come your way. You will be equipped with the knowledge, lessons and qualities as needed. You just have to trust that everything happens for your best interest. It comes in many forms; obstacles, difficulties, failures and even joy. Accept them as they are and you’ll find yourself better and stronger at end of the tunnel, and best of all closer to the success you have been dreaming of.

To sum up, if you have a strong intention, just do it. Don’t let fear paralyse you from taking action. Nothing will be perfect. Just go for it and go with the flow. Make the best out of every situation, and soon success will become your reality.

About the author: Nur Nuha loves her work as a freelance writer, feel free to contact her at nurnuha@learn-wisely.com