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Make the best out of your present moment by being in gratitude

Frustrated that you have a lot of catching up to do? You know you have had enough time to complete your task, but frustratingly your mind was not being cooperative. One moment you are there in the present moment but somewhere else in another. You keep on losing your focus no matter how hard you try to focus on your task. It is just irritating. But what can you do? Banging your head on the wall doesn’t make your mind focus on your work. The chatter in your mind that comes with emotions, are driving you crazy. How can you make those thoughts go away?

The key is, your emotion. Your mind says you have something important to complete, therefore you must focus. But then, your emotion says something is bothering it. It needs your attention badly. It urge you for your attention. Although it is more logical to pay attention on your work, the urge is pulling you like a little child crying for attention. Pulling your attention back and forth between your work and your emotion, is tiring. You end up exhausted but nothing much is done.

So, how do you calm your emotion? The answer is, deal with it. Take time to pay your attention to that urge. Find a logical solution. Someone is being unfair to you, and your reputation is ruined because of him. Okay, does that mean your life is over? No. Definitely not. You have good qualities that you believe in, so stick to that qualities. Be that person you are happy to be. Don’t let someone’s action hurts your life for days or months. Turn it around instantly by being the best you. Determine to be better. Mean it and be it. There is nothing you can do with your past, but you can change your present.

Whatever the urge is, take time to calm it down. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a bad moment to stir your feelings. Having a wonderful time the day before, can make you smile all day long, and make you lose your focus at times. By acknowledging your feelings, and then let go to move on with your life, you stop yourself from hanging on to that feelings. Know that hanging on to your past doesn’t do any good. It will only waste your precious present moment. You will lose your opportunity to make the best out of your present moment.

On the other hand, if you are worrying about your future, think of the best immediate action you can do right now, and take that action. Then let go. Let it be. Trust God for his plan. Totally let go and focus on your present. Be your best and enjoy your present moment.

One important tip to make you stick to your present moment is to be appreciative. Start with every little basic thing in your life. Be thankful for your present moment. Know that, the time you are in now, is a valuable gift. No matter what the situation you are in, the time you have now is your opportunity to make choice and take action no matter how small it is. A person who is at the lowest point of his life, can turn things around just by determining to work his way out and bounce back.

There are so many basic things in life that we ignore. We only appreciate them when we lose them. Our health and comfort, for example, allows us to move on with our life comfortably. Our belongings that we use, no matter how small they are, benefit us in some way. Your partner or companion, no matter how much you complain about them, affects your life positively in some way. The point is, everything in life has its pros and cons. What matters is, where you focus on in your every present moment. Appreciating and enjoying what they bring into your life in your present moment, make your present moment a bliss.

So, every time you lose your focus, remember your past is not there in your present moment any more. Your power to make your life better is here, right now. And your future, who knows what it will be. No matter how good your plan is, you have no power to make it a reality. All you can do is to take the best action right here, right now. Your present time, your energy, your belongings and your surroundings are the resources you have. Appreciate them and make the best out of them for a blissful present moment.

About the author: Nur Nuha loves to help others to make their life better. If you need an article that touches hearts and changes lives, feel free to contact her at nurnuha@learn-wisely.com.