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Stop your mind from wandering by pushing out negativity with positivity

Meditation, though sounds simple can be very difficult for a first timer. Sitting down doing nothing and think nothing is not easy. Our mind is one of our busiest organ. It doesn't stop working even when we sleep. It can never be idle. That is why when meditating we are asked to focus on our thinking; be aware of what comes into our mind. We do not stop thinking but we monitor our thoughts without judgment, slowing down our mind activities and create peace in our mind.

When we are awake and busy with our daily routine, the thoughts about the past and the future inevitably will crawl in with or without our consent. Often times we lose our focus. We wasted a lot of time thinking unnecessary things. Even worse we create problems and chaos through our mind. Making these negative and unwanted thoughts go away is not easy. Every time you are aware of their presence, you stop and try to focus on your present moment, but then it keeps on coming back quietly without you realizing it. Pulling them out from your mind from time to time sometimes can really be frustrating. It is tiring. You feel inefficient. You take a longer time to complete a task. You feel you lose control of your own mind.

So how can we control our mind? The fact that our mind can never be idle, explains why pulling out these thoughts doesn't work. Our mind need something to digest on. Pulling out the unwanted thoughts means trying to empty your mind. Out of hunger, the mind will suck the unwanted thoughts back in. Thus, instead of pulling them out, replace your thoughts with positivity. Occupy your mind fully with positivity giving no space at all for negativity.

Whenever you are aware of the presence of these unwanted thoughts, bear in mind and convince yourself that they are non of your business. The past has gone, nothing can be changed, while the future doesn't come yet, so let them go. Ignore them. At the same time embrace your present moment. Be in it. Feel it with your heart and soul. Open your heart fully to your present moment. Enjoy every details of it. And when that disturbing thoughts come back and try to get your attention, say to yourself, “It is non of my business. My only business is my present moment. After all the power to shape my future is in my present moment, not in the past, nor in the future.”

However, sometimes these thoughts are deeply emotionally connected to you. You just can't stop thinking about them. The harder you want to get rid of them the more they get stuck in your mind. In this case, you just have to face it. Accept it as it is. The dissatisfaction, the anger, the excitement, whatever has happened or will happen, accept them as they are with open heart. What has happened or will happen is beyond your control, so just let it be. Let go what you can't control. All you can do is be positive, now. Everything has the good side of it. Focus on the positive side. Work your way out positively. Sooner or later you will be at peace again.

When something is bothering you, accept it as it is. Let it be as it is. Think positively and forget about the negatives. If you can't think of something positive, let love fill up your heart and mind. Announce to yourself that you love everybody. No judgment, just love. You'll be surprised how the uncomfortableness and hatred just melt away slowly.