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Have no motivation and feeling bored? Two simple steps towards enthusiasm

Do you ever feel bored with your daily routine? Tired with your house chores? Unhappy with your job routine? Well, you don’t have to, anymore. Not that you don’t have to do it, but you just have to look at it from a different perspective. It is just all in your mind. Make a little twist, and you’ll enjoy them all the way through.

So how do you turn a dull, tedious, repetitive work into an enjoyment? First of all, ask yourself this question. “Why do you do it even if you hate doing it?” Most probably the first thought that come out from your mind is, “Because I have to do it”. Well, there must be a reason why you have to do it. There must be some benefits from doing it that you can’t let go.

Let’s take cleaning your house for an example. You might hate doing it. But, if you don’t do it, your house will be a mess. You will be uncomfortable living in a messy and dirty house. You will have a difficult time finding your things around your house when you need them. However, on the other hand, if you keep your house clean and organized, you will be more comfortable and your life is more peaceful.

Similarly, there are some daily routine at your workplace that you must complete. If you don’t, sooner or later you’ll find yourself in trouble. Even if you don’t like doing it, completing it helps to put your mind at peace. A part of your job is done. Nobody can argue it.

Therefore, whether it is a repetitive task or a weekly workout, the first step to enthusiasm is to focus on the benefits. What do you gain from doing it? The end result that makes the work worth it. Whether it makes you happy, content, comfortable, peaceful or smiling in relief, feel it, even before you start the task. Let it be the wonderful moment that you are looking forward to. Let it be the momentum that get you started.

Next, the second step is to go with the process moment to moment. Just be present in the moment. Do it your best. Feel the joy of doing it as you move thoroughly moment to moment . Let your mind focus on doing it the best you can. Feel every steps with all your senses. The sweeping, the brushing, the arranging, do it right and efficiently.

Feel the satisfaction as you see the progress, little by little. The pleasure of tapping your fingers on the keyboard, the satisfaction of formatting your word document, and the contentment of arranging the beautifully printed documents, all give you the sense of satisfaction if you take the time to enjoy the moment with all your five senses. It is the making of the best out of each moment, that gives you joy. Let your mind, feelings and physical movement focus on one thing in one moment. Let yourself merge into the moment.

So next time, if you don’t feel like doing something that you can’t put off, think of the end result and feel the enjoyment and the relief. Then, just start, and enjoy it all the way through. Be in the moment and make it the best moment, producing the best result in each moment.

Change the way you see and feel it. Work around to get the best result. Look at it from a positive point of view. Make it meaningful and be happy with it. It is a chore that you have to do, anyway. So why not make it fun and meaningful just by changing your thoughts and feelings towards it. All you have to do is to change your thoughts and feelings, and your world will change accordingly. Have fun!

About the author: Nur Nuha is a freelance writer. If you need her service you can contact her at nurnuha@learn-wisely.com