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Why you should stop judging others

I used to be a complainer, the whiner, who judges and grumbles about others, whose behavior irritates me, whose actions according to my judgment is inappropriate, and whose appearance seems to attract my attention. Most of the time, it all happens in my head. Though I didn't make any noise or verbalize it to others, believe me, it is an unnecessary burden in my head, that's aching my heart, which sometimes shows up in my facial expression.

When I said it is an unnecessary burden, yes indeed, it is unnecessary. Though some of my judgments are correct, quite a number of times I felt guilty and embarrassed for my misjudgments. The fact that I know only one side of the story or about the past doesn't give me enough evidence to judge the present event. Anyway, does my judgment make any difference? Am I contributing any good to the world through my judgment? Sheepishly, no.

Most of us don’t like to be judged by others and yet we judge others most of the time. How we judge others depend on our belief system. Anything which seems to be against our beliefs will be deemed as bad, and anything which seems to be in alignment with our beliefs will be deemed as good. But the fact is, what we perceive as true is not always the truth. What we see on the surface is just a tip of the iceberg. Thus, using our judgment as a basis for an action can sometimes do more harm than good. So stop minding other people’s business.

What others do is theirs and what you do is yours. No matter how bad your experience with certain people, stop the impact by just minding your own business. Stop wasting your energy and time thinking about how bad that person was, or wondering what his intention is. If you ignore him, there is nothing he can do. The impact will remain with him. Your time is too precious to be wasted on something unnecessary.

Usually, it is the thinking and the negative judgments that are stressing you out and killing you, not the other person’s action. Maintain your peace of mind by not letting them bothering you too much. However, sometimes the urge is too strong. You can’t help thinking about it. My advice is just stop, and say to yourself deeply from your heart, whatever the vibration the person is transmitting to you, positive or negative, you are vibrating unconditional love to him because there is an abundance of love in you. Then, totally let go and be happy. Be free.

Always remember that you are gifted with a powerful mind, which is always hungry for data to process. Be appreciative by making meaningful use of it. If you leave it idle, it will start absorbing data from your surroundings, or retrieving data from your past memories, or predicting your future. Your brain needs something to process. You can never put it to rest. So why not focus on yourself. Use it to make yourself a better person. After all, if you want to change the world and make a better place, you have to start from yourself. Instead of thinking about others, use your mind to think of ways on how you can improve yourself. Use the energy otherwise wasted on judging others, to work on yourself and make yourself a better person.

Also, be aware that your thoughts and feelings can be sensed by others. They are the vibration that you emit. Negative thoughts and feelings emit out negative vibration, which can affect how others respond to you. Sometimes the vibration is too strong that the moment a person enters a room, he changes the mood in the room. Thus, if you carry negative judgments in your head everywhere you go, blame yourself if others respond to you negatively.

As Oprah said, “Be responsible for the energy you bring into a room”. Make sure that you always have positive energy in you. Be clean and pleasant by stop judging others negatively. I’m sure you don’t want to start the trouble by evoking others with your negative vibration. Make positive vibration your default. It helps you to maintain your peace of mind, especially when meeting someone you dislike.

Therefore, every time you catch yourself thinking negatively about someone, turns it around with positive thoughts. You create your world through your vibration. So make it beautiful by feeling good about yourself and others.

About the author: Nur Nuha is a freelance writer. If you need help on writing or relevant ideas, feel free to contact her at nurnuha@learn-wisely.com