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How letting go the negatives gives me joy and freedom, and how you can too

Do you ever feel tired of being stuck in negative thoughts, whether it’s about your past or your future, that you miss opportunities in your present moment? I do. Although I am a believer of positive thinking, negative thoughts from my past experiences keep on coming back and bugging me.

Whether I am sitting at my desk doing my work, or taking a shower, cooking, or watching a television, these uninvited thoughts come and go without warnings. They interrupt whatever I am doing, and as a result, I lose track of what I’m doing or listening or watching. It’s like suddenly I’m out of this world, mentally.

Moreover it comes with emotions that makes me addicted to more similar thoughts. From one minute replay in my mind of a past event, it becomes half an hour of replays from one event to another, giving more strength to the negative emotions.

It sucks my energy and time, leaving me to wonder what have I been doing throughout my day. Looking at my to do list, nothing is completed. It takes me minutes sometimes hours to remember where I put things, and what I have done and have not yet done. And if I were in a conversation, I keep repeating the same questions. Believe me, it’s really irritating.

In a worse day, where I have more negative thoughts and more negative emotions, I have chaotic moments. I become so disorganized, forgetful, and inefficient. Leaving me at the end of the day, so many uncompleted tasks and yet feeling so tired.

I’m so tired of it that I want to close all the doors if I could, to all these negative thoughts. After doing some searching and reading, I finally come to a solution. Let them go.

But how?

Faith. I’m sure most of us on this planet believe that there is a higher power that governs their life and this world, who provide us with the air to breathe, the water to clean, the body for us to move around, who lovingly cares and watch over us. Who lovingly provide us with whatever we need, even though some of us were behaving badly and were unthankful. The one that you can trust and surrender to. It’s the one you pray to. It’s God.

So what I did was, every time the unwanted thoughts come in, I immediately stop thinking about it at the moment I realize it’s presence. I totally let it go to God. Believing that His the best to deal with it. Once done, I considered it solved. Everything is taken care of. I forget about it and move on.

If done with full faith, you’ll feel relief, free and joyful. Your present moment is yours, to indulge in the positives, do what you want to do and progress positively.

When the negative thoughts don’t bother you that much anymore, you’ll feel alive in your present moment. The positive vibration you emit attracts more positive events and positive people in your life. Thus more to be joyful of and to be grateful for.

In my experience, the change was not easy at first. There is resistance. Addiction to the past emotions keep the thoughts coming back. But the fact that those unwanted thoughts have no benefit in my life, I learn to be more:

Conscious - Be aware of my emotions and thoughts.

Persevere - Totally let go with full trust every time it comes back. Not even a peek on those thoughts.

Be more grateful - I’m in good hands. Everything is taken care of for me.

Though those negative thoughts do still come back visiting me from time to time, they are not welcomed as they were before. I admit there are times when I get carried away with them, but it doesn’t last very long as it used to be in those days. I’m more in control today.

The key is trust. You’ll be surprised how everything falls into its places beautifully without much direct effort from you. This is what will happen when you truly surrender with full trust. And believe that everything will just be fine.

Whether we want to suffer in negative emotions or be free to create more beautiful moments in our life, we have the choice in every moment. So be wise and make the right choice.

About the author: Nur Nuha is a freelance writer whose passion is in improving herself as a human, and in turn help others to improve themselves too. She looks at the world with a learner's eyes and loves to share her observations and practices with others. Be free to say 'hi' to her at nurnuha@learn-wisely.com