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Don’t wait for everything to be perfect to be happy, be happy now

Happy. The word itself makes you smile inside. That’s what you want in life, right? Not only you, everyone does.

Sometimes you wonder how some people can be happy even when their life is far from perfect. How could they be? Are they not serious?

Well, they are just being human. The definition of perfection varies from one person to another. Depends on their desire. But the truth is, life is perfect in its own way. To be happy you have to understand and embrace that perfection. Or else, you’ll feel dissatisfied, frustrated, and will be whining all your life.

We're all connected, and perfection lies in our life as a whole. For you to see the perfection, you have to see the whole picture. As individuals, it is not visible to us in one moment of time. Sometimes it takes time for us to see and understand why things are happening the way they are. And other times it doesn’t make sense at all because the whole picture is never visible to us. But accepting that our whole life is perfect, makes us calmer.

Our part is to be the best we can despite what is happening around us. If each of us do our best, in view that we are all connected, and we complement each other, we’re accepting life as it is. Together we’re making the best out of it. You're perfecting the imperfection of others. And it holds true the other way round too.

Always accept whatever comes your way with positive response and with an open heart. And you'll become more lenient and flexible. Life can be different from the way you want it to be, but you can always adapt to it. The key is to accept things the way they are. Always believe that there’s a good reason behind each of them. Make peace with your life and you’ll have a strong ground to be happy.

To make it juicier make gratitude an attitude. You’ll see the beauty if you appreciate every little thing in your life. The more you appreciate the happier you are. See the positives behind every little thing happening in your life and you’ll feel grateful.

Happy now? Okay, but it doesn’t end there. Go ahead add delicious toppings and make your life merrier. You can do so by being a contributor. Find ways to make things better, no matter how small it is. The more you give the happier you will be. The more heart you touch and the more life you affect in a positive way, the happier you’ll be.

So, stop dreaming about the perfect life you have been longing for. Your life is already perfect. Your happiness is in you, ready to blossom. All you have to do is to accept life as it is, be thankful for every moment and contribute to make a difference. Go with the flow of your life, appreciate and contribute to make it more beautiful. Your happiness will shines through.

And finally, always remember to smile from your heart. You’ll see more smile around you. Because they are contagious.

About the author: Being a freelance writer, Nur Nuha loves traveling and observing. Through her writings, she's happy to make others happy.