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Watching Over Yourself

When we care about someone we watch over their well beings. We do whatever we can to care for them, to support them, and to help them whenever they are in need. We follow their life journey because we care. But do we care about ourselves enough that we watch over ourselves moment to moment?

Oftentimes we have a wish list in our mind: what we want to do, what we want to have and what we want to be. We want to get rid of our bad habits, we want to stop the chaos in our life and be at peace again, we want to be in control of our own life. The list could go on and on... But do we care enough that we watch over ourselves to make sure our wishes come true?

How do we watch over ourselves?

Be mindful. Every moment is a space to live in. Every moment is an opportunity to make changes or to improve your life. Every moment is a chance to explore new things. Be there for yourself every moment of your life. Do not waste, not even a moment. Life is precious. Make the best use of every moment of your life.

Use your five senses to feel alive. Live with your heart and soul. Enjoy, cherish and make full use of what you have right now. Forget about what you don't have. It's a time wastage. Do not live with you mind, but live with your heart and soul. Let go all those noise and chatter in your mind. Let go the past memories. Let go plans and worries of the future. Let go judgments. Let go expectations. Just be there for yourself and watch over yourself through your heart and soul.

Oftentimes we miss watching over ourselves because we are too busy living in our mind. It is not easy to let go those memories, the worries, the judgments and the expectations. Our mind just can't stop thinking. So, just let it be. Let your mind think, watch over what you are thinking, through your heart and soul.

Use the push out therapy, rather than the pull out therapy. When you say to yourself, “I want to let go my past memories, my worries of the future, my judgments and my expectations”, you are pulling out those negative thinking out of your mind. Though you want to get rid of them, you are still thinking about the negatives when you mention them in your mind.

Push out therapy, on the other hand, occupy your mind with the positives to push out the negatives. Be appreciative. Be grateful of what you have right now. Thank God for the clean water you are using, the electricity that enable you to do your activities day and night. Thank God for your good health. Be thankful for the lessons you gain from the obstacles and hardship in life. Whatever it is, fill up your mind with only the positives one. Every time there is an attempt to think about the negative, replace it with the positive ones.

Push out therapy is more relaxing and peaceful because you fill up your mind with the positives and give no chance at all for the negatives to occupy your mind. Whereas, pull out therapy, is more stressful. You are trying to clear up your mind without replacing it with something beneficial. Your mind can't stay empty for long. It need something to digest. This gives the negatives the chance to get back in.

The important thing is to be aware. Watch out what you are thinking. Let your heart and soul be your guidance. Appreciate what you are doing and being. Feel it with your heart and soul. Just live your life the best you can, moment to moment.

About the Author: Nur Nuha is passionate about helping others to improve their life. If you want more in your life check out her new e-book "A Guide to A Blissful Life" in this website, in the Links >> e-Books section.

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